About the Handling of Personal Information

1. Our Basic Stance towards the Handling of Personal Information

ManpowerGroup sets forth its personal information protection policy. At the same time, we implement the policy by disseminating it to our employees and other involved parties, and improve as well as maintain the condition of personal information protection. Personal information is obtained only by lawful and fair means, and we do not use any fraudulent method. In addition, we inform the owner of the personal information of the arbitrary nature of the provision of personal information and the outcome, which will become apparent to the person if such information is not provided.

2. Purpose of Use

To accept, respond to and manage inquiries/applications/opinions, to send out brochures, to inform of our services, to create statistical data, and to conduct other related services.

3. Voluntary Provision of Personal Information

Personal information shall be provided on a voluntary basis, but if enough information is not provided, the purposes mentioned in Article 2 hereof may not be accomplished.

4. Entrustment of Personal Information

ManpowerGroup may entrust personal information to business partners that meet our personal information protection criteria only to the extent required to accomplish the purposes mentioned in Article 2 hereof.

5. Non-disclosure and Non-provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

In principle, personal information held by ManpowerGroup will not be disclosed or provided to a third party with the exception of the following cases:

  • When there is consent from the person who provided the initial information.
  • When required by law.
6. Disclosure etc. of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

Regarding personal information retained by ManpowerGroup that is subject to disclosure, the following actions may be requested: to notify the purpose of use; to disclose information; to correct, add or delete a part of information; to stop using information; to delete all information; to stop providing information to a third party (hereinafter, “disclosure etc.”). When we accept a request for disclosure etc., we shall inform the principal of the procedure for a request for disclosure etc., and shall respond appropriately and promptly to a reasonable extent.

7. Personal Information Inquiry Desk

For any complaints or consultations, as well as inquiries regarding disclosure etc. of personal information, please contact us via the following number.
Inquiry desk:0120-850-074

Chief Privacy Officer(CPO)
Information Systems Department
ManpowerGroup Co., Ltd.