Features of ManpowerGroup

Since its establishment in 1966, ManpowerGroup has continuously provided services that transform the latent potential of human resources into success for your business, based on our deep understanding of the world of work. By fusing the global perspectives with knowledge of local regions, we are able to recommend workforce solutions to expand our clients' businesses further, including human resources and services for raising quality, productivity and efficiency.Our solutions focus on six key items in the four following domains.

Features of ManpowerGroup

①Recruitment and skill assessment

ManpowerGroup places human resources with appropriate skills in a whole range of scenarios through our recruitment/hiring methods, evaluation systems and personnel selection methods, for which we boast a proven track record.

CareerHarmony--our human resource assessment system

We assess the aptitude of personnel for a whole variety of occupations using the human resource assessment system provided by CareerHarmony, the subsidiary company of ManpowerGroup USA. The system allows us to measure aptitude by combining several tests adapted to the attributes of various occupations, with a particular focus on basic abilities and interpersonal problem-solving style. All applicants undergo CareerHarmony assessment when they are registered; ManpowerGroup gauges their aptitude before placing them in jobs.

②Training and development

We provide a whole range of training and development resources, from online training developed in-house by ManpowerGroup, to programs that can be customized to suit companies of every size, from major firms to small and medium enterprises.

Career Counseling

ManpowerGroup provides Career Counseling to anyone formally registered with ManpowerGroup for free of charge. Counseling Fellows, ManpowerGroup's GCDF*-certified counselors, provide counseling to help candidates take preliminary steps towards the lifestyle and working style that are right for them.

*GCDF: Acronym for Global Career Development Facilitator, certified by CCE, Inc. (United States); GCDF-Japan is the Japanese version of the certification. GCDF-Japan-certified counselors are career counselors who assist clients in selecting jobs and lifestyles that are right for them.

Our e-learning system powerYOU

powerYOU is the e-learning system that ManpowerGroup has implemented in all of its bases. Anyone formally registered with ManpowerGroup can attend free of charge. It includes training courses specializing in the software needed for office operations, IT skills and customer service operations, and can greatly reduce the time and effort that you need to spend doing on-the-job training (OJT), undertaken by companies to teach operational skills.

Expert Skill Training

We implement employee training programs for operations requiring high levels of expertise, and work hard to ensure quality management of staff.

  • Information management training aimed at staff who will be working in the information and communications industry
  • Security broker training aimed at staff responsible for trading at security firms
  • Preliminary training for staff working in plants manufacturing pharmaceutical products/medical devices


We provide innovative outsourcing solutions for companies in a wide range of fields, including operational contracts and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

④Workforce Consulting

We give recommendations on how to improve work models, employee training plans, career changes and human resource management to make your company more agile and competitive as an organization.

System-related Consulting/Career Design/Next-Generation Leader Cultivation

Right Management specializes in organizational and personnel consulting services, and helps clients establish a personnel system based on a company's management goals while recommending numerous programs for taking the next step towards the future, such as the Leadership Program and Career Design.

⑤Compliance and Corporate Ethics

As a company, we aim to be a model for our industry by ensuring that we continually act in accordance with our ethos of strict legal compliance and our code of corporate ethics, established as a shared set of standards for ManpowerGroup all over the world.

Privacy Mark

ManpowerGroup is certified with the Privacy Mark, authorizing us as a business which has set out a privacy policy and which handles personal information appropriately. We protect and manage our staff's personal information and clients' business and personnel-related information with great care.

Privacy Mark

Code of Conduct

ManpowerGroup has instituted a common global Code of Conduct and requires all employees to undergo regular training with respect to human rights, working environments, fair trade, handling anti-social forces and legal compliance to enable them to carry out their working activities in an ethical manner.

High-Quality Operational Flow System

Through the Manpower Quality Service System (MQSS), our unique service system, ManpowerGroup has systematized all operations for Temporary Staffing from the preliminary stages to the end of the staffing period.

High-Quality Operational Flow System

⑥Bringing clients the benefits of the latest information

We provide clients with a wide variety of information connected to HR services that will boost their sales and recruitment activities.


We hold seminars on an as-needed basis on human resource services such as recruitment, compliance, employment adjustment, career development and human resource cultivation.

Manpower Employment Outlook Survey

We provide our unique Manpower Employment Outlook Survey every quarter. The results of this survey, considered one of the world's most reliable employment outlook surveys, are used by countless companies as a guide for their future economic activities.