Find Talent and Solutions

Find Talent and Solutions

Encompassing a wide range of industries and occupations, the human resources services offered by ManpowerGroup provide innovative workforce solutions to many clients in response to working styles that are continually changing with the times.

For inquiries or requests regarding the workforce solutions provided by ManpowerGroup, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Temporary Staffing(also known as Worker Dispatching or Contingent Staffing)

Temporary staffing is one of the main workforce solutions in providing you with the talent you need in a wide variety of objectives and scenarios: to provide work-ready staff, to secure staff with specialized skills, to fill sudden vacancies or to increase staff to handle heavy workload during busy periods. It can thereby contributing to increasing efficiency or reducing costs in various operations.

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Temporary to Permanent Recruitment(Temp-to-Perm)

Temporary to permanent recruitment is a service has the advantages of both temporary staffing and permanent placement. After a dispatched worker has worked for a certain period of time (maximum of 6 months), he or she can become a permanent or contract employee of the client, if both dispatched worker and client agree to such an arrangement. Because there is an opportunity to determine performance and workplace adaptability, this not only prevents mismatches in recruitment, it also increases retention and helps Clients make their organization more competitive by building a better workforce with proven performers.

Permanent Placement

We know that securing and retaining the right talent is vital for any organization. Whether it is for finding for talent for various assignment levels from junior to executive positions, as well as searching for Japanese or foreign talent, with our global network, local recruiting expertise and labor market experience, we help clients find qualified talent and make appropriate hiring decisions.

Project Expert Staffing (Pro-Assign)

We provide support for maintaining optimal organizational structure through temporarily assigning project experts in cases where such experts are urgently needed such as in providing support for a fixed period during implementation of a project, during development of a new business, or filling in for managers or employees with expertise who have taken a leave of absence.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Recruitment Consulting

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) / recruitment consulting services support new graduate and mid-career recruitment. From proposing strategies to improve sourcing and recruitment to conducting actual recruitment operations in their behalf, our experience and expertise accelerates the acquisition of the right talent for our clients.

HR Consulting

We recommend HR strategies to raise the value of your human resources and invigorate our clients' organization. We provide solutions matched to clients' needs, no matter how small the issue, in every type of scenario and are directly connected to personal and company growth.


We help manage various businesses and tasks efficiently and effectively through our outsourcing services (such as IT Outsourcing and BPO). We support optimum operational framework construction, analysis and improvement in response to issues such as maximizing cost effectiveness so that our clients can focus on their core business and increase productivity.

*Note: For those who are interested to know the difference about Outsourcing and Temporary Staffing services, please click here.

Global Network, Local Expertise

Leveraging our extensive network in over 80 countries and territories, we provide support in connecting clients who have recruitment needs in other countries to corresponding teams in those locations.


Outplacement services provide support when employees resign by making use of early retirement packages and other systems. These services include consulting for HR officers when carrying out operations, and supporting employees who are leaving to advance to their next careers. We leverage our expertise to ensure that transitioning employees and HR officers feel confident as they progress to the next stage.

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For inquiries or requests regarding the workforce solutions provided by ManpowerGroup, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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