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1. About Security

On this website, all pages that request the entry of personal information use SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) 128-bit encrypted communication. Therefore, it is protected from falsification by a third party and phishing attack. As such, you can rest assured of using our website.

2. About external links

The contents of this website may include links to external websites. Please note that ManpowerGroup is not responsible for the privacy protection on these external websites. The description of privacy protection on this page is only applicable to the information collected on this website.

3. About the use of cookies

This website uses "cookies." Cookies aim to prevent unauthorized access and enhance security by managing information transported between screens and confirming that the screen was used by the same person. However, Cookies collect information such as numbers and a series of symbols, and do not include any information which could be used to identify individuals such as names and addresses. (e.g. IP address, OS used, and browser used, etc.)

4. Recommended Browser

We recommend that you browse the Website in the following environment.
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* When you browse the Find a Job page, Entry Form and mail magazine subscription page on the ManpowerGroup Permanent Job Site, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer 8 or above.

5. About JavaScript

This website uses JavaScript for the purpose of enhancing the convenience of site visitors. Therefore, some pages may not work properly if JavaScript is set to "OFF" on your browser setting. While it will not interfere with the basic viewing of the homepage of the Website, we suggest that you turn on the JavaScript setting on your browser in order to browse the Website more efficiently.

6. About Copyright

The copyright for the content of the Website is owned and managed by ManpowerGroup.
All work (images, writings, designs, layout and trademarks, etc.) shall not be copied, altered or redistributed without prior permission from ManpowerGroup.

7. Disclaimer

The content of the Website provides a service with no guarantee, and therefore, we request that you browse and use it at your own discretion.
Despite our efforts to ensure the accuracy of the content, misprints, misinformation, or insufficient information may occur.
ManpowerGroup will not be held responsible for any damages as a result of browsing and using the content of the Website. In addition, the information on the webpage may be changed without prior notice. We appreciate your understanding.

8. Contact

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