About this Website

About this Website

1. About Security

On this website, all pages that request the entry of personal information use SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) 128-bit encrypted communication. Therefore, it is protected from falsification by a third party and phishing attack. As such, you can rest assured of using our website.

2. About external links

The contents of this website may include links to external websites. Please note that ManpowerGroup is not responsible for the privacy protection on these external websites. The description of privacy protection on this page is only applicable to the information collected on this website.

3. About the use of cookies

This website uses cookies in order to provide more appropriate services to our users.

[ What is a Cookie? ]
It is a mechanism that saves your browsing history, input contents, etc. as a file on your computer when you use a web page.
The next time you visit the same page, the stored cookies will be used to recognize you, change the display for each user, and the site can be expected to operate smoothly.
Cookies are collected on this site in order to provide better service, but they do not contain any personally identifiable information.
In addition, we do not identify individual users by linking cookies with other information, nor do we provide the cookies we have acquired to third parties.

[ Purpose of Cookie Usage ]
We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • To improve site convenience and services, such as providing services customized for each user by referring to stored user registration information when the user logs in to the authentication service
  • To survey our site traffic, such as the number of users and views
  • To prompt users to re-enter their passwords (re-authentication) after a certain period of time has elapsed in order to maintain security
  • To improve our services
  • To display the most appropriate advertisements on other companies' websites based on user's interests and usage on our website
  • To provide web content and services optimized for individual users
There are two types of cookies: those that are set to enable the use of functions provided on our web pages and those that are set by affiliated third parties. For example, third parties, including Yahoo! JAPAN and Google, may set cookies so that they can place our online advertisements in optimal locations. Even in such cases, we do not use cookies in conjunction with other information to personally identify individuals.

[ About Deleting Cookies ]
You can set your browser to allow or disallow the use of cookies.
Settings can be selected from "allow all cookies," "reject all cookies," "notify user when cookies are received," etc.
The setting method varies depending on the browser, so please check your browser's help menu if necessary.
You can also delete past cookies by clicking "delete all cookies" from your browsing history.

For third parties, you can disable the use of cookies by Yahoo! and Google by visiting the Yahoo! JAPAN and Google Ads opt-out pages. (Alternatively, you can disable the use of cookies by third-party distributors by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative's opt-out page).
Please note that some services may be restricted or unavailable if you choose not to allow the use of cookies.

4. Recommended Browser

We recommend that you browse the Website in the following environment.
Recommended browser for Windows users: Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge or Mozilla FireFox

* The latest version of these browsers are our recommendation.

5. About JavaScript

This website uses JavaScript for the purpose of enhancing the convenience of site visitors. Therefore, some pages may not work properly if JavaScript is set to "OFF" on your browser setting. While it will not interfere with the basic viewing of the homepage of the Website, we suggest that you turn on the JavaScript setting on your browser in order to browse the Website more efficiently.

6. About Copyright

The copyright for the content of the Website is owned and managed by ManpowerGroup.
All work (images, writings, designs, layout and trademarks, etc.) shall not be copied, altered or redistributed without prior permission from ManpowerGroup.

7. Disclaimer

The content of the Website provides a service with no guarantee, and therefore, we request that you browse and use it at your own discretion.
Despite our efforts to ensure the accuracy of the content, misprints, misinformation, or insufficient information may occur.
ManpowerGroup will not be held responsible for any damages as a result of browsing and using the content of the Website. In addition, the information on the webpage may be changed without prior notice. We appreciate your understanding.

8. Contact

Inquiry by telephone: 0120-850-074
Online inquiry form: Please use this form to contact us